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Puppy Hotel

A Home to stay whilst you are away.

We offer a fully insured home boarding service thats perfect for when you're away. If you're an existing customer then it's really easy as your best friend already knows and loves us. If you're a new customer we'll make sure to get to know you and your dog beforehand so you can go away feeling totally secure.

prices start at £25 per day for one dog. discount on multiple dogs from one household. 

Or, we will come to you.

Puppy Sits!

If you want your best friend to stay at home when you're away then thats fine. Book as soon as you can to secure your place as we're super busy. We're fully insured.

Relax, we've got this!

Check our reviews out on the home page, as well as our sister company's facebook Smoosh Pet Services. 

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